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i-San Inc. was established in 1997 with a foundation in mechanical seal manufacture and technology.
Since its founding, i-San, Inc. has led nation-wide developments in vacuum parts and has expanded its business to areas of clean energy, display technology and semiconductors. Our 20+ years of experience and technology working with our broad, diverse client base is our most valued asset. We continue to create new value for our clients, whom we hope to serve again.

In a rapidly-changing world display market, the biggest, fastest issue is securing a competitive, quality facility for manufacturing smartphone flatpanel display (FPD). We tirelessly invest in and innovate technology by improving our manufacturing method and automating production. We further strive not only to develop basic parts used in various vacuum areas but also to elevate our performance and product lines.

Based on our custom design/vacuum technology and manufacturing principles, we offer a unified solution for all things seal: ultra vacuum angle valves/rectangular gate valves, bellows, vacuum parts, vacuum pipes, and magnetic fluid seals. Upon the relationships we have built with our clients that demonstrate the trustworthiness of our products, we will continue to deliver only our best.

With a progressive business model and strong competitive edge, we are proud to grow into a global company beyond South Korea, Asia and Europe we currently serve.

Representative officer Ick su Han

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