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Accuracy of welding
  • Accuracy of Welding

    To minimize deformation from welding, we use optimal ZIG.
    Products requiring high precision are processed a
    secondary machining (No.45867850) to correct for any
    deviation from the target measurement. In cases of
    highvacuum environment, we use the back bead welding
    process to manufacture vacuum pipes.
    To prevent oxidation and minimize outgassing, we weld only
    after nitrogen charging.

  • We use different welding processes depending on the
    environment and characteristic called for.
    Smallcaliber ports connected to vacuum pipes are
    relatively weak to physical force. We resolve this by
    testing tensile strength.

    We adhere to the manufacture, management and
    inspectionstandards for vacuum welding.

  • Condition of inside welding

    We check the interior welding status, which is the most
    important part of vacuum pipe quality control.

    We focus not only on the exterior condition of our
    products but also the interior, which directly affect
    product performance.

    1. □ Back bead

    2. □ Autogenous

    3. □ Fillet

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