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Accuracy of machining
  • Accuracy of Machining

    The magnetic fluid seal-one of our core products
    -requires high level of surface condition and precise
    dimensions. In special circumstances, we conduct
    superprecise management to fulfill requisite conditions.
    For core parts constituting ourregular products.
    we also conduct total (general) inspection. Our experts
    process and manufacture our product parts. Not only
    for magnetic fluid seals but also for all other products
    we create, we machineprocess them with accuracy
    and precision as our principle. Our product parts meet
    the promised standard of excellence with our clients.

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    Item:Magnetic fluid seal Shaft | Standards: JIS`13/ISO`97(Roughness) | V.Mag : x1000 | Filter:Gauss | M.Speed:0.2mm
    E.length:1.600mm | S.length:0.800mm | Start up:x0 |Levelling:Straight | Polarity:Normal | Data:3200point


    JIS`13/ISO97(Roughness) | Ra 0.84um 0.85

  • Management of Materials

    We have the quality of raw material and ratio
    of constituents, purity I know the importance of it.
    Especially, it is the most important material of
    the welded bellows.AM350, Hastelloy-C, Inconel
    and other special alloys In case of durability and
    corrosion resistance,Components and ratios,
    purity we manufacture. It has a decisive influence on
    the quality of the finished product.We are responsible
    for quality control through periodic material
    Through this, the quality of products,
    Corrosion resistance, service life and reliability

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